Playing around with “My Digital Studio”

Wow, check out the pages I’ve created that a very long overdue for scrapbooking – Luke in preschool in 2006!  One of the purposes of me purchasing MDS (My Digital Studio) from Stampin’ Up! was to attempt to catch up with my scrapbooking.  I thought if I were to create digital pages of older events quickly, it would allow me to focus on the more current and passionate events going on in our lives.  While my setup took awhile (I had to load all my photos onto an external harddrive, load the MDS software onto the laptop and then load the photos from the harddrive onto my laptop), the first creative project was super speedy!  I used a preset template and just dragged and dropped my photos.  I’m very impressed at how easy it is to enlarge and crop photos.  You can also easily add any embellishments you’d like to the already created pages.  SWEET!  I think I found a solution to my problem of being VERY behind in my scrapbooking.  And what a fantastic way to create multiple books of the same pages for gift ideas….can you say time-saver?!

Here’s my first draft attempt at MDS!  Enjoy!


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