Back to business!

Wow, it’s awhile since I was out of commission posting, but was spurred on by my upline Carrie Gaskin to post regularly at our last downline meeting (which was so fun!!), so I’m going to really try to having something posted once a week.

So, the other thing that brought me back is that I’ve created a MDS book for my Grannie’s 90th birthday.  I’m still a total newbie figuring out all the amazing features this product has, but I’m happy with the results, and I know she’ll love all the family photos.  So of course I also had to create a card for her.  Now THIS is what I’m super happy about.  Typically, I need inspiration from someone else’s creations to create something.  But this time I did it all on my own – didn’t copy a sketch, card, colour challenge or anything, and I actually like it!!  My Grannie collects frog-things (not REAL frogs).  So, I had to use the retired stamp set “Hoppy for you”.



I love the antique brads and the pearl dots – they really add dimension to the whole card.  I also love layering the punches by cutting the layers in half and adjusting the size of them for the layered look.  Hope you like – let me know!



  1. 3dotsforme Said:

    You seriously fussy cut that frog? Wow, you sure love your grannie!

    • marniemiller Said:

      Well yes, of course – she’s pretty amazing and since I wasn’t making a swap out of it (i.e. making dozens of the same card), I felt that I could fussy cut the frog and the lily pads!!

  2. carolemac1 Said:

    WOOHOO 2 posts in one month – can’t believe I missed this one – well give me some credit – the one prior to this was in MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!
    holy-hanna can’t believe you blogged, made a card, fussy-cut it and it was ALL an original idea!! Lord, I should’ve sat closer to you the other day cuz I am sure I would’ve felt the world shifting. I love those colours and the layering and the design itself – GREAT JOB MGM!!!!! just gorgeous I tell ya!! I made an original one the other day too and yep was pretty tickled with myself- hey maybe we should try it again…. naahhh!! 🙂

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